Overall, I found that the Palette Gear Expert Kit made me a better editor, and actually made Premiere Pro CC a lot more fun – especially color correction. The fact that it's programmable, works with different apps and can be snapped together in whatever configuration you want makes it particularly useful for do-it-all graphics pros.

With their magnetic connection, Palette Gear makes it super simple to expand or shrink your workspace. If you’re traveling, it’s super easy to pack up your Palette modules and you can bring only what you’ll need while leaving the rest behind and easy to pick up once you arrive back home. The included display screen is OLED and allows you to see the currently active profile that you’re using, so you always know what functions are programmed to the modules.

I love editing photos. For me, pressing the shutter is only the first 10 percent of the adventure. So, any product that promises to not only speed up the editing process, but just as importantly, make it more intuitive, is an intriguing proposition. Enter Palette, which transforms editing from an exercise in mousing sliders to a real, tactile process.

As a composer who writes a lot of electronic music, I love physical faders. The ability to touch a physical slider and vary some parameter in real time connects me to the process much more than mousing a virtual slider. That's the same reason I've never been really satisfied by the sliders and toggle switches in Lightroom. I can control them perfectly well with a mouse and keyboard shortcuts, but I have little physical intuition or muscle memory for the process. Plus, it's just more fun to use real tactile controls. That's the idea behind Palette, which uses faders, dials, and toggle buttons to make your workflow more efficient and fun.

Palette Expert Kit

Score: 9.5/10 – Editor's Choice Award

"This is for content creators whose time literally is money. In my first test, I saved over two hours with the Expert kit, and even assuming a modest value of $15/hr of my time, that is $30 or 10% of the kit's value back already [...] Even with batch editing and automated processes, there will always be the need for individual item editing, which is where the Palette Expert Kit can help you further cut down on workflow time."

Palette Gear Expert Kit Review

5-Star Review – 95% for features, build & handling, and performance. Includes an in-depth review covering the basics of Palette and using the Expert kit in Photoshop.

"The Palette Gear Expert Kit is one of the most useful pieces of imaging hardware I have seen to date. An intuitive design enables you to configure the layout to your exact style of working and there are plenty of options when it comes to assigning commands from a multitude of applications."

Palette Gear Expert Kit Review

Palette is a very well made product that has the potential to increase your productivity and simplify your workflow. It consists of a variety of programmable knobs, buttons and sliders, all of which can be customized in a variety of profiles that work with most types of programs. The software is easy to use and full of options that will help you maximize Palette’s usefulness.

Overall, I have to say that Palette is an amazing product. It does exactly what it’s supposed to, and it does it well. It might not be a perfect fit for everyone, but even if you have very established habits and your workflow is dialed in, you might be surprised by how useful it can be.

Palette Gear Pro Kit Review

The Palette Gear modules are simple, affordable and super helpful. We liked using them and see their usefulness growing over time. If you want to save time and speed up your program functions, we recommend trying out Palette Gear.


Hands On: Palette Modular Photo Editing Controls

Editing without Palette is like shooting photos with a single button, while editing with the system is like shooting with enough buttons and dials that you don’t have to take your eye from the viewfinder to make adjustments. Palette allows you to edit without taking your eyes off the image to find a keyboard shortcut and, in many cases, can make a pretty significant dent in the time spent on each photo. While there were a few minor hang ups and a few settings that I wished I could assign to a control, Palette is a very well thought out system and is certainly worth a look for anyone who spends a significant amount of time editing photo

Assign Physical Controls Over Photo Editing with Palette

The product lineup consists of fully customizable dials and sliders which magnetically snap together to form a mix table which is said to transform routine editing tasks [...] the entire kit can be made to work with specific buttons within photo editing software. While various profiles can be used to support different workflows, the beauty of Palette lies in the modular nature of the kit.

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